Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Calling in sick a good idea

Do you dread calling in sick? Whether it's the fear of a judgmental boss or just concerns about missing out on important happenings, health experts want to put you at ease. There are times when making the call is a must. Confused about whether staying home is a good idea? Here are five signs that a sick day is in order...
According to a recent Glamour.com poll, only 21 percent of readers say they make a point to stay home when they're sick. The rest of you do sometimes or not at all.

Guys! The world will not end if you stay home and a.) rest and recover so you can get well again, and b.) prevent the spread of your germs to others.

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Oregon Coast and Portland Ready for Winter

“Early Tuesday marks the onset of the stormy weather as the first storm moves north along the coast,” the NWS said in a bulletin. “There could even be some brief mixed winter precipitation near the passes of the south Washington and far north Oregon Cascades, and near Hood River Tuesday. This system finished moving through Tuesday night and Wednesday, followed by another damp and breezy system Thursday.”

The NWS said another is likely to hit on Friday and Saturday, making for four days of rain and maybe much more, certainly along the beaches of Oregon.

“Northwest Oregon and southwest Washington will see its share of active weather throughout this week,” the NWS said.

The full article is at http://www.beachconnection.net/news/firsts101209_152.php