Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If the Power goes out!

Until power does return, here are some home safety tips:

 Use alternative heat sources safely.

 Do not burn anything inside without adequate ventilation.

 Never use gas ovens, gas ranges, barbecues, hibachi, and most portable or propane heaters for indoor heating. These units burn up oxygen, create deadly carbon monoxide, and are a likely cause of fire.

 Have firefighting materials on hand: dry powder, fire extinguisher, heavy tarp or blanket, and water.

 Use portable generators only as independent sources of power.

 Do not connect generators to your home’s main service panels.

 Make sure generators are used where there is good ventilation.

 Keep doors to refrigerators and freezers shut to conserve heat.

 Use foods that can spoil rapidly first.

 “If in doubt, throw it out”.

Lastly and most important, we ask that you please check on your neighbors to make sure they are being taken care of during this extensive power outage.