Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oregon Civil War Game

"The biggest game in Civil War history", "once in a lifetime opportunity", "for all the marbles" – these are just a few ways Saturday's ‘Civil War' football game in Corvallis has been described. As football fans across the state and the country watch what happens in the game, police and transportation officials remind travelers to stay focused on their game day driving before and after the game.

Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers, county deputies and several city police agencies will be on the alert for problems associated with extra traffic-related congestion and drivers who may be impatient, aggressive or impaired. An estimated 15,000 extra vehicles on Interstate 5 and roads leading into Corvallis will affect travel time and increase the potential for unanticipated problems. ODOT incident response personnel will be available to assist police and respond to reported incidents to help keep traffic moving on area roads.

Keep in mind these simple safety tips and reminders:

* Have a game plan before you leave
* Be alert and patient so you can make safe driving decisions
* Avoid distractions and keep your emotions in check while driving and when at the game
* Fasten your safety belt and have a sober, rested driver behind the wheel of your vehicle before and after the game

OSP Lieutenant Jeff Lanz urges all fans attending Saturday's game to conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous and non-offensive to those around them. Any fan that sees something dangerous or someone negatively affecting others from enjoying the game is encouraged to notify the nearest police officer, security personnel or usher.

"The safety of all fans, players, coaches and officials remain our number one priority at the game. Remember that possessing alcohol, being overly intoxicated or acting in a disruptive or obnoxious manner are some of the actions that will get you removed from the stadium and/or cited," said Lanz.

State, county and city police along with ODOT encourage reporting any possible intoxicated or dangerous driver by calling 9-1-1 or OSP dispatch at 800-24DRUNK (800-243-7865).

Up to the minute road and traffic condition updates are available on ODOT's travel information web site at or by calling 5-1-1. For anyone who can't access 5-1-1, road and weather information can also be accessed toll-free within Oregon by dialing 800-977-ODOT (6368).

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