Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips for getting through till the power comes back on

The repair of the power grids has been difficult and power surges from appliances left on have hampered their success. Citizens are asked to shut off all unnecessary appliances in anticipation of power restoration. Until power does return, here are some home safety tips:

 Use alternative heat sources safely.

 Do not burn anything inside without adequate ventilation.

 Never use gas ovens, gas ranges, barbecues, hibachi, and most portable or propane heaters for indoor heating. These units burn up oxygen, create deadly carbon monoxide, and are a likely cause of fire.

 Have firefighting materials on hand: dry powder, fire extinguisher, heavy tarp or blanket, and water.

 Use portable generators only as independent sources of power.

 Do not connect generators to your home’s main service panels.

 Make sure generators are used where there is good ventilation.

 Keep doors to refrigerators and freezers shut to conserve heat.

 Use foods that can spoil rapidly first.

 “If in doubt, throw it out”.

Lastly and most important, we ask that you please check on your neighbors to make sure they are being taken care of during this extensive power outage.