Friday, June 5, 2009

Anything can happen anytime

Last night's storm is a reminder to all of us that strange things happen when we least expect them. During the summer it is always difficult to get people to take emergency preparedness seriously. When the sun comes out, we forget about all the things that could happen like fire, trees down, power outages, terrorist attacks, chemical spills, earthquakes, tsunamis, shootings, multiple car crashes, etc.

I don't want you to worry or be upset about these things, or let them run your life, but I do want you to be prepared. Just as you have a smoke detector in your home, you should have at least a 3 day (72 hours) emergency supply of food, water and other items.

You can put this kit together on your own or you can purchase one online. There are several companies out there that sell them. One good one I have found is

Join OEM in the 72! I do, do you? campaign. Get your kit together, email me a photo of it and I'll send you a wrist band.

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