Friday, July 24, 2009

Myth 5 we're all gonna die anyway

Some events like a weapons of mass destruction attack might kill larger numbers of people, but that doesn't mean widespread destruction is a guaranteed thing. In fact, for widespread destruction, a top-grade WMD must be expertly and precisely applied under ideal conditions. This does not meand that WMDs are to be ignored or that they are nothing to fear, it's just that "Mass Destruction" does NOT mean "Total Destrcution" at all.

As in any emergency situation, those who are prepared and have run through scenarios in their minds are more likely to survive. I've been reading a book about a ship in a hurricane and it was interesting to see the different reactions to the crisis.

Some spent their time thinking of what they would do if the ship sank or turned over. They planned their escape routes, thought about what they would take, put valuables in waterproof containers and taped them to their bodies. Others just stood around in shock, imobilized. They could not believe that this large ship would sink (which it did) and therefore did not prepare.

There is no reason to live in fear and the best way to NOT be afraid is to be prepared for all contingencies. You won't always be home when a disaster hits. You might be at work, on vacation, or in another state. Take a few minutes to think it through. Where will you go? Who will you contact and how? Just a few precautions and thoughts can save your life.

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