Monday, August 3, 2009

Williams Creek Fire near Steamboat, Oregon

Last week FEMA released several articles about the dangers of wildfires. This weekend has proven that it can happen before you know it.

Last week the Williams Creek Fire started burning in the Umpqua National Forest, 3 miles west of the community of Steamboat. That fire has grown to more than 4500 acres by this morning and is only 20% contained. The rugged terrain and dry weather has made it difficult to fight the fire. With more than 1000 firefighters and six helicopters working on the fire, it has caused a series of closures and at least one evacuation.

* Highway 138 is closed between mileposts 29 and 39
* Rock Creek Rd and Canton Rd are closed
* Williams Creek, Bogus Creek, and Scaredman Creek campgrounds are closed
* North Umpqua Trail #1414 is closed from Fern Falls to the Motthead Trailhead
* Steamboat Inn on Highway 138 is evacuated, and residence protection is in place for 8 Moore Hill buildings

See the links for maps and pictures.

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