Thursday, August 13, 2009

Personal thoughts on preparedness

This week I was labeled a doomsayer. In the past I have been called Dr. Doom. I know that these are said in jest and I certainly don't mind but it does make me think that "emergency preparedness" in general is considered a negative thing.

I talk all the time about bad things that could happen but I don't want people to focus on those things. I want you to focus on being prepared in advance to handle whatever may come your way. This is a positive thing.

I almost drowned last weekend - truely. Was I expecting that to happen? - no way. But because I have trained myself to think of possible situations where I need to keep my head, I was able to be calm and do what was necessary to get to shore. I could have panicked. I could have floundered, swallowed more water and gone under. I believe I would have if I hadn't had training and experience in different scary situations.

Bad things do happen to good people but what we don't realize is that during a disaster or scary event, our brains have a tendency to shut down if they have never dealt with that situation before. Studies have shown that even thinking about what you would do in advance makes your reaction much more effective and possibly life-saving.

So that is my ramblings for today. I just really want Oregonians and everyone to be safe and healthy. I guess I'll just keep being doomtastic!

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