Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ready now, Steady later

Preparing for a disaster is one of those projects it's easy to put off. Don't wait; do it now. Rarely do you get a warning that a disaster is on its way in time to do much about it. At worst, planning ahead can make the difference between surviving or not. At the least, an emergency kit and a clear plan will help your family and neighbors be more comfortable while you wait it out.

Oregon is vulnerable to vaious types of natural hazards, from severe winter storms to earthquakes and floods. We also need to be prepared for thereats from aiforne chemicals, fires, tainted water or acts of aggression.

Many regional and national organizations have web sites, blogs and other communications dedicated to disaster preparedness. Oregon Emergency Management suggests you visit for information about "Sheltering in Place," prepareing a 72 hour kit and making a disaster plan. There are diagrams and lists you can review and print out to help. The Red Cross also has a very useful site, Check your local emergency management agencies for twitters and blogs like this one.

OEM's twitter is This is where we will post emergency information during disasters and education information when things are calmer.

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