Monday, November 2, 2009

Winter Weather

...Enjoy the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest this winter season, but keep and eye or ear on the changeable weather...The National Weather Service issues a variety of winter weather watches, advisories and warnings.

Always check the latest weather forecast before heading out and take the warnings issued by the National Weather Service seriously. Before winter weather threatens this season, you should prepare a winter safety kit for you vehicle. Such kits are also available at many retail and auto supply stores.

Remember, if you become stranded on the roads during a storm, run the motor about 10 minutes each hour for heat, but keep the window open a bit for ventilation. Also, keep the exhaust pipe clear of obstruction to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Finally, make yourself visible to rescuers by turning on the dome light at night while running the motor.

Avoid overexertion when outdoors. Heart attacks can kill during and after storms, because shoveling snow or freeing stuck vehicles can be quite stressful.

A valuable companion when heading out this cold season is a battery-powered NOAA Weather Radio, the voice of the National Weather Service. It provides you with the latest weather conditions and forecasts. You can purchase such radios at many local electronics or department stores, and over the internet.

Use the 511 phone and internet traveler information services provided by state transportation departments to info on road conditions, road work, vehicle restrictions, and road closures, before you travel.

Finally, if you need more information on winter weather safety, winter weather brochures, or NOAA Weather Radio, please contact your nearest National Weather Service office by phone, or by web.

For questions about local Severe Weather Preparedness, contact your local NOAA National Weather Service Office:
local office
on the web at...
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