Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Red Cross gift ideas

A warm blanket and a hot meal after a devastating disaster. A phone card for a soldier to hear the voices of family and friends. Vaccines to protect our world's children. These items make a huge difference, but come with a small price tag. Starting at just $6 for a blanket, you can give a gift that saves the day this holiday season.

The gift you make could give someone shelter after their house has burned down. It could provide a "comfort kit" with robe and toiletries for a wounded warrior. It could even provide survival supplies and clean water for a family after a typhoon or other international disaster.

After you've made your choice, you can select an e-card to send to your loved one. You'll also receive a complimentary print card by mail, which you can personalize with a message about the gift you have given in their honor.

Wreaths wither. Sweaters go out of style. But honoring your loved ones by sending a Red Cross gift in their name is the perfect way to share the meaning of the season…and give someone hope when they need it most.

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Lise Harwin said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer! This is a great way to avoid the mall, give a gift with heart and help others. Win-win-win!