Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Details

Here at OEM we are monitoring the tsunami. For Oregon it is predicted to be negligible (around half a meter or about 1.5 - 2 feet), but local sea floor and terrain in some areas might make the wave a little larger. Tsunami wave heights peak about 2 hours after they arrive. So we recommend that you stay away from the beach until after the event.

The estimated times of arrival for Oregon are found at

Cape Blanco, Oregon 1350 PST FEB 27
the Oregon-California border 1350 PST FEB 27
Charleston, Oregon 1402 PST FEB 27
Cascade Head, Oregon 1426 PST FEB 27
Newport, Oregon 1429 PST FEB 27
Tillamook Bay, Oregon 1434 PST FEB 27
the Oregon-Washington border 1439 PST FEB 27
Seaside, Oregon 1446 PST FEB 27
La Push, Washington 1456 PST FEB 27
Westport, Washington 1457 PST FEB 27
Point Grenville, Washington 1459 PST FEB 27
the Washington-British Columbia border 1501 PST FEB 27
Neah Bay, Washington 1507 PST FEB 27
Astoria, Oregon 1511 PST FEB 27

This graphic shows the predicated path of the tsunami and the predicted wave heights. The areas in the red are estimated to be up to 100 cm in height, although the angle, local sea floor, and coastal terrain can affect how high the wave crests on the shore.

It is located at

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