Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emergency Preparedness - what for?

One of the initial things citizens need to do in developing their emergency preparedness plans is to determine what they should be preparing for. As I have argued previously, I think officials at all levels should be more aggressive and frank in explaining all the risks facing the public, but there are resources available that citizens can begin researching for themselves.

Your local emergency management website (or office) is a place to start. There is also assistance at the “Determine Your Risk” page of FEMA’s “Prepare for a Disaster” section. Among the steps it recommends taking: Identify possible hazards and emergencies (“Possible Hazards and Emergencies”); Review maps of your area FEMA Maps; Calculate your risk with assessment tools; Learn about FEMA’s mitigation activities; Identify possible hazards and emergencies. And, as we enter hurricane season, the National Weather Service’s “Storm Prediction Center” can also be helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Add to that, speaking with and listen to your insurance agent about things like coverage, limitations and the like. Not just for things like floods, but things like house fires and the like.

Your local fire department can give you some good information on things to do ahead of time as well.

These can both be extremely important if you are or know some one who has mobility difficulties as well.

Some other resources are :



and http://disaster.ifas.ufl.edu/