Friday, September 3, 2010

Why prepare if you’re not going to evacuate?

Evacuation becomes necessary when your home is being made unlivable. However, if you are not going to evacuate, why bother with an emergency kit or family plan?

Even the most minor of disasters can be very inconvenient and being at home does not guarantee you will have everything you need. For example if you are staying home because of a severe winter storm, it is possible that you will not have power and will need a flashlight, you may not have communication and will need a radio to hear what is going on, you may not have food if you can’t get to a store, and you may not have heat and will need blankets or sleeping bags.

If you are staying at home because of a chemical spill or other air borne hazard, you will need plastic sheeting and tape to seal up a room to protect yourself and your family from outside contaminants. If you are sealed in a room, you will need personal sanitation items along with the items listed above and more.

If you have pets, they will need food and water, toys, leash, bed, etc. too.

The point is that in an emergency you don’t want to be looking all over the house for the basic items you need to make your stay more comfortable. You don’t want to have to go out in bad weather to pick up items at the store. You want everything you need to be in one place and ready for use and you want every member of your family to know where it is.

This is National Preparedness Month – don’t wait any longer. Check out and get READY!

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