Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oregon Red Cross is operating a shelter in Welches

As you read this, the Oregon Red Cross is operating a shelter in Welches, providing a warm, safe place for 14 families to spend the night.

With flooding and landslides in the area, these families have been evacuated from their homes and their worlds have been turned upside-down. But, as always, the Red Cross is there in their time of need.

In the next few days, we'll be providing three square meals and lots of snacks. We'll help with clothes and clean-up supplies; health services and emotional support.

But our assistance goes beyond Welches. Earlier this week, we helped two families in Tillamook County when they were evacuated due to the threat of flooding. They each met with our disaster responders, who were able to provide lodging, food and clothes. The Oregon Red Cross was also hard at work in Newport, where a huge sinkhole threatened eight homes.

All this assistance is possible because of Red Cross supporters like you. Thank you.

To stay updated on all our efforts, be sure to visit our website.

Thank you,

Maree Wacker
Regional Executive, Oregon Red Cross

P.S. Monetary donations remain the best way to support relief efforts. To contribute, please click here.

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