Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FEMA asks: How do you stay prepared on a budget?

The economic downturn has made staying prepared more difficult in recent years. Fortunately, many Americans have found creative and inexpensive ways to be ready in case of an emergency. FEMA asks, what steps have you taken to stay prepared on a budget? We are looking for items and their uses, tips, stories, and good practices.

What items do you keep in your home, car, or workspace that help you stay prepared? Have you been involved in a disaster and found a particular yet inexpensive item especially useful? Are there inexpensive ways that help you fulfill the recommendations ( for a preparedness kit?

To help you get started thinking of ideas, we have provided an example guide for preparing on a budget from the Seattle Red Cross, the Everett Office of Emergency Management, and ReadyCorps. Before April 30, 2011, please send your suggestions to and put “Preparing on a Budget” in the subject line. We look forward to reading your ideas and examples!

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