Monday, April 25, 2011

Earthquakes to destroy all the western coast of the country expected in the USA

I came across this article this morning. It amazes me that people all around the world know it is going to happen and yet many here in Oregon are not prepared. Please - just a few items in a kit, a few minutes of your time for planning could make all the difference.

Baku, Fineko/ Mega-earthquakes which will in fact finish off with all the north-western coast of the country are expected in the USA.

Specialists of tectonic activity and underwater cartography lab of Oregon University report that a new 8 point magnitude earthquake can be expected in close proximity to the USA coasts. Large scale natural disaster will affect populated coast in the north-west of the USA stretching form Vancuver island to North California. Peak tremor will be followed by tsunami and a range of aftershocks to erase dozens of small cities near coastal zone from the earth.

The last large earthquake in this zone occurred over 300 years ago. As mega-earthquakes occur with frequency of one earthquake in every 240 years according to the scientists’ estimations tremors with 8 magnitude should be expected with a probability of 45% and 9 point magnitude earthquakes- with 15% probability.

Connection of two tectonic plates- North American and Juan de Fuka under the North America continent is a seismically dangerous subduction zone. Increase of pressure of these plates on each other recorded by Oregon University lab may result in a large-scale cataclysm.

" I have no doubt that power for forthcoming earthquake is being accumulated now " ,- Head of Research group professor Chris Goldfinger noted.The last mega-earthquake in west part of the Pacific ocean was recorded in Japan on 11 March. It also occurred in subduction zone. The earthquake aftershocks are still going on.

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